April 3, 2018

Our People

Hey fellas! Welcome to Vikings Uniform Insider

You are probably a full-time gamer or another gaming maniac just like me. My name is Susan, and I am the founder of this website. Currently, we are a group of 6 professionals working for the Love of Games.

When my dad bought a phone in the year 2007, that’s when I was introduced to the digital games. It just clicked with me instantly, and I loved playing it the whole day. Soon it became an addiction. Now, there are smartphones and laptops which offer better gaming options with colorful graphics. This only made love the system more and more.

Me, along with Debra, my college mate – we two started off the website with our primary focus being ‘Games’. Here, you will get all the latest updates on the online games. Also, there will be a focus on different platform users like PC, PS4, Xbox, 3DS, Switch, and many more.

If you got any confusion or want us to review any game for you, then you surely Contact Me or better Email me. You can also be in touch via Facebook too.