The Crazy Tricks you need to Try on PS4 Gaming Console

Ah! The latest PlayStation 4 console is in your room, and dying to run the game as quick as possible. Maybe you have started your game or all new to the game. I don’t mind either though! Even a pro user might get some help out of it.

I started playing the game when I was in my high school days, and although 5 years have passed the love for the game remains the same.

5 Crazy Tricks you need to Try on PS4 Gaming Console

The 5 craziest yet essential things that can make you Win and Play SMART on PS4 are:

◊ Companion Apps

Once you set off with your PS4, you could start downloading the game and other apps directly to your iOS and Android device. Not only you could use them to connect with friends, but also push the game downloads to your new gaming console.

◊ Get The Best Out Of Your Controllers

If you wish to run the controllers like the DualShock for a longer time, then you can dim the lights of the controller and provide them quick power when it’s not in use.

◊ Talk To Your Console

You might be well already talking to your phone and PC. Now you can talk and give commands to your PS4 too! For turning on this option, go to Settings and then System. There you will find the Voice Operation Settings – you can turn on the voice control from this space and read out the audio commands available.

◊ Quick Login

If there are multiple players using the same console, creating separate accounts would be favorable. If you are the commonly playing person in the house, then you can turn on the Automatic Login option in the Login Settings. This way you can get the login done quickly!

◊ Use The Rest Mode Setting

Let the console download the updates for you on its own, when the console is in it’s resting mode. You can do so under the Power Saving Settings, and then choose the Functions Available in Rest Mode.