How did UPSers rise all over the world?

A North Carolina woman hoped to find a package at her door last week but found an unusual message from a UPS driver in her mailbox.

The driver left Marcy Lanier with a failed delivery note and explained that a “bear at the entrance” prevented her from abandoning the package. Lanier laughed when he read the message.

In fact, the Asheville resident found the situation so much fun that she decided to share it with friends on Facebook.

Like I said. Only in Asheville, wrote Lanier, posting a photo of the receipt.

The photo went viral and has racked up more than 2,200 shares since it was released on Friday. Dozens of residents commented on the photo, exchanged jokes and advice for the region’s emails.

“Use it,” joked a user.

I would have fought this bear and delivered this package, said one man.

It looks like something is going to happen in my house! Another addition.

Lanier said her mailbox was at the entrance and that the bear was probably in the middle, blocking the front door.

“We have bears all the time,” Lanier told WLOS. There was a bear in the driveway, so I couldn’t drop it on my porch. He usually drops my packages on my porch. This is how it happened. He could be safe in his truck on the street.

The black bear is the only sort of bear that resides in North Carolina.

Today, black bears are found in approximately 60% of the total area of ​​North Carolina, said the North Carolina Wildlife Commission.

A distressed dog was rescued after a UPS driver stopped its delivery route to rescue the frightened puppy in Bozeman, Montana. The reports were released late last week.

Ryan Arens said he had delivered packages just before Christmas when he heard a dog “cry, cry and go crazy.”

The officer informed the Great Falls Tribune in an article published on Friday that he quickly delivered a package and then went to the other side of the pond where he saw the animal.

I could see the dog trapped in ice about 10 to 15 feet offshore, Arens said.

Objectives Behind UPSers

Some of the major objectives behind UPSers portal at are:

  1. The portal will allow the UPS employees to get access to their job details easily.
  2. The portal will make sure that the employees are able to get the details regarding the work schedule, the salary, etc.
  3. The UPSers at is the easiest way for the UPS to keep a watch on the employees.
  4. The portal will increase productivity at UPS by every means.

According to Arens, an older man was in a boat to save the dog but was having trouble dropping ice to get closer, so the UPS operator knew what to do.

took off my boxer shorts and took the man to the boat. Then I pushed the boat onto the ice and used it to distribute my weight, Arens said. “It shook me where the ice was thin.”

He soon fell onto the thin ice and fell off the ship. Arens said she noticed the dog was “starting to sink” so he swam for it. Arens grabbed the dog’s collar and tried to pull it out of the thicker ice.

Arens told the that the two men could slide on the ice and return to shore together, where a passerby gave him a blanket. They entered the old man’s house, where they warmed up before the authorities arrived to help them.

“Animals are my weakness. It was the culmination of my 14-year career at UPS,” Arens said.

He said in the gallery that he had discovered where the dog’s owner lives and that he had a delivery for him. He saw the rescued dog named Sadie in a car and said “he panicked” when he saw him.

“She must have remembered me,” Arens said. “I felt good.”

What makes FaceTime better on Windows PC?

FaceTime for Windows has been connecting Apple users around the world for many years. Users liked the idea of ​​making video calls with other iPhone users, but more and more are missing. And it is the ability to interact with users of other operating systems. Android, Windows, BlackBerry. Okay, it may not be BlackBerry, but you understand. With this in mind, the idea of ​​Apple Inc is specific only to the Apple ecosystem.

This includes iPhones, FaceTime for Windows, iPods, and Macs, but that’s it. Users of other operating systems do not have access to the use of FaceTime for Windows with their Apple users. What can you do in these situations? This question has often been asked by many friends and family, and most of the time FaceTime for Windows users had to download third-party apps to chat with their friends, which, as you can imagine, is quite awkward for both parties. Downloading and adding applications to your “friends list” is a very long and tedious process.

So if you are looking for a way to download Facetime on your PC or Facetime for Windows then you have come to the right place as we have the methods outlining what you need to do to run Facetime on your Windows PC.

FaceTime for Windows Installation

To install the FaceTime for Windows application on your computer, you just need to follow the steps that are explained below:

  1. Firstly, download and install the FaceTime for Windows application on your computer. You can install this application the same as you install other applications.
  2. Now, open application.
  3. After that, you will see a FaceTime for Windows form that inquires certain details from you.
  4. Submit the details. Also, these details are completely safe with FaceTime for Windows, so don’t panic a bit before submitting it.
  5. Now, tap “Start”.
  6. You will be now taken to your account.
  7. Here, you will see the option like an audio call, video call, group call, etc. These are the options through which you can access all the functionalities of FaceTime for Windows application.
  8. Also, you can chat with the person you wish using the Text messenger option.

We’ve also created a list of the best Facetime alternatives and a Facetime guide for Android that you and your friends can use to bridge the gap between operating systems.

As mentioned, Facetime was developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for Apple devices. This means that this amazing service cannot be used on non-Apple devices. However, we were able to find a way to use Facetime on the laptop. Yes, you have read it correctly! We found a way to run Facetime on a device other than Apple. Well, not entirely, because we are going to emulate an iPhone using the previous method. Wondering what that means?

The FaceTime for Windows has been striving to deliver the best possible results. You can always trust this application in every aspect.

According to Wikipedia, a computer emulator is a hardware or software that can make a computer system (called a host) behave like another computer system (called a guest). An emulator usually allows the host system to run software or application projects designed for the guest system. In our case, we are emulating an iOS device using the software, an application available from Google. In any case, these are the steps to configure Facetime Your PC Janelas.

The iOS emulator we are testing here today is called It is a very well designed iOS emulator that you can use to run FaceTime for Windows with ease. The use is completely free, so you don’t have to worry about usage costs!

Growth of the DGCustomerFirst over the last decade

[Dollar stores] have performed well in the past decade due to growing inequality, which is a by-product of energy and is concentrated in the hands of some wealthy companies, said ilSR author Marie Donahue.

Today, Dollar General Survey stores thrive in poorer rural cities, where environmental change or globalization have halted economic activity, and in cities like Baltimore, where decades of divestment have occurred. in most communities. In a recent blog post on the rise of Baltimore’s low-income neighborhoods, planner and architect Klaus Philipsen claim that dollar stores “are now thriving in many poor regions as epidemics.”

As Richard Florida of CityLab has already mentioned, there is a particularly dense “dollar store belt” stretching from Ohio and Indiana in the north to Kentucky and Tennessee to the Gulf Coast. Here’s the CityLab map showing how they expanded south again with the Shannon code:

Why DGCustomerFirst?

Dollar General Survey is one of the best ways for the Dollar General to make sure that the customers visiting their premises are getting what they need and what they desire.

Dollar General Survey has been in the market for a good time now. DGCustomerFirst is the best way for the customer to place their opinions and feedback and make sure that the management team takes into consideration each and every comment.

The Dollar General Survey helps the customers to interact with the management team directly. Thus, each and every customer of the DGCustomerFirst should definitely conduct the Dollar General Survey and make sure that they provide their vital contribution to the improvement of the Dollar General.

Dollar General Survey has been working like a magic for the management team and the customers of the Dollar General to a great extent.

The problem not only affects the companies themselves: according to the ILSR, on average they create fewer jobs than independent food, 9 to 14. The weak jobs they create are not of high quality. And it is not entirely clear if their offers are much cheaper. When economists compared the price of products like flour and raisins of the same weight, they found that the store’s dollar products were more expensive than those of Walmart or Costco.

Then there are its negative effects at other nearby Dollar General Survey stores. When a dollar store was opened in Haven, Kansas, subsidized by local government tax incentives, sales at the nearby Foodliner supermarket decreased 30%, The Guardian reported earlier this year. Although the ILSR does not have quantitative data to demonstrate this effect in nearby supermarkets, they anecdotally assume that “the margin difference is enough that local businesses cannot stay in business as long as there are so few options and one. Prices.” they are underestimated, “Donahue said.

In Chester, Vermont, for example, 2012 residents argued that allowing dollar stores to enter the city would be the beginning of the end of what might be called Vermont of Chester. The New York Times said which in turn indicates that the dollar stores of the class and race associations are involved. In Buhler, Kansas, the mayor saw what had happened to neighboring supermarkets in Haven and rejected the dollar chain, which also threatens the character of the city.

It was about preserving the soul of the Dollar General Survey community, he told The Guardian. Was it about what kind of city do we want?

Zone adjustments have recently been used to limit dollar stores, whose small footprint generally allows them to go beyond restrictions that department stores cannot. In Mendocino County, California, enemies of dollar stores have passed laws restricting the development of large chain stores. And in April, the Tulsa City Council passed a law requiring dollar stores north of Tulsa to be built at least a mile away.

McDVOICE is executing the perfect strategies at the perfect time

The HBO McMillion $ documentary series has thousands of McHooked people.

At the end of the first episode of the current police series, which aired on February 3, viewers have the full scope of the FBI’s investigation of the former policeman who marketed the McDonald’s Monopoly in 2001. But do you understand that? ? A first look at the second episode explains the answer to this question.

In the clip above, which HBO shared exclusively with PEOPLE, U.S. Deputy Attorney General Mark Devereaux, who followed the case, is entitled to it.

When the FBI brought a winner to a film crew, they had already contacted Simon Marketing [the company that the fast-food chain had promoted] McDonald’s, who claimed to be a winner and said, I did it and so on. it’s how I got this part of the game, “says Devereaux,” a person could never pretend to be a fraud because they did it before the police got involved. ”

McDVOICE Benefits

Some of the major benefits of conducting the McDVOICE Survey at the official website are as follows:

  1. McDVOICE Survey at gives the customers an opportunity to make sure that the customers place their honest opinions and feedback on the online survey portal.
  2. The McDVOICE Survey is one of the best tools for the management team of the McDonald’s to enhance the quality of their services.
  3. This online survey enhances the transparency between the customers and the McDVOICE Survey management team.
  4. McDVOICE online survey at enhances the customer experience of the customers on the premises of the McDonald’s.
  5. If you are participating in this online survey, you give the McDonald’s an opportunity to improve their services and the food products they offer.

The “she” in Devereaux’s example is the first winning hypothesis you put forward in Episode 1, Michael Hoover. McDonald’s contacts the scammer to make a video after claiming to have won the part of the million-dollar game. Hoover goes on to explain how he found the piece in a PEOPLE magazine (we’re innocent here!), Which he bought at a supermarket after a trip to the beach and whose original copy was submerged in seawater.

Only when Hoover comes home and calls a friend to brag about how the film crew bought his story, does the FBI realize that there is a real case?

“We didn’t say, say that, say that and say that,” continues Devereaux in the clip above. “We said,” How? Than? OR? WHO? These are just opportunities for me to take up space and tell us what he wants to tell us.

If you order more McMillion $, it’s easy to understand why. The show focuses on the last three: a billion-dollar deal, a real crime, and a mob story that will make you nostalgic during the days of the soprano.

With an episode already listed below, here are the answers to some of the questions you can ask yourself.

How many episodes do I have?

McMillion $ is a six-part series that lasts between 52 and 56 minutes. They will air Monday through the end of the season on March 9.

Who are the characters in this  McDVOICE series?

Jerome “Jerry” Jacobson is the former police and chief security officer for Simon Marketing and the FBI’s prime suspect. Doug Mathews is the special agent in disguise to report the criminal gang. He quickly became a fan favorite for his busy personality and irrelevant side stories. The other main actors are the Devereaux and Jacobson conspirators, Gennaro “Uncle Jerry” Colombo.

Probably! The following crimes and arrests occurred on national television in the fall of 2001. If you do not know so many details, it is because the case was overshadowed by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

MyPrepaidCenter Card is a boon if used effectively

If someone were to give you a $ 50 bill, they probably wouldn’t put it in a drawer and forget it. But that’s exactly what happens to the billions of dollars in gift cards that people receive each year: They never lose, forget, or use their money.

Final Christmas sales figures for 2010 have yet to be finalized, but the National Retail Federation forecasts that 2010 will grow 4% compared to 2009, so on average there will be more gift cards available than in the United States. Here is a basic introduction to how gift cards work. There are two basic types:

Account information is stored on the card’s magnetic stripe. If you are unsure about the remaining balance, ask the merchant to scan the card, call the toll free number or look it up on the website provided by the card issuer.

These restrictions apply to monthly maintenance or service fees, account maintenance fees, and transaction fees, such as B. Recharge fees, ATM and point of sale fees charged by the issuer. in the menu (There are no charges for activation/replacement of the card for loss/theft). Online Portal

This is an online portal that helps you to access the services offered by the MyPrepaidCenter Card in a much secure and user-friendly way. Meta Bank has made sure that this portal is extremely simple and easy to use for each and every registered user.

To use this online portal, firstly, you need to register yourself at the official website This portal is one of the best modes of payment for the users who want to get rid of waiting in queues just to pay their purchase bills. has been working like a magic for the Meta Bank and the users who register on this official portal.

Thus, if you wish to use your MyPrepaidCenter card effectively, you should definitely register yourself on this official portal.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your gift cards:

  • Use them quickly; The longer you wait, the more likely you are to forget or identify them.
  • Take the same precautions as with cash. Also write down all account numbers and toll-free numbers if you need to report a lost or stolen card.
  • Keep used cards until you are sure that you will not return the items you purchased. Some retailers do not accept returns without a card.
  • Ask if the reseller uses the card for online purchases if this is their preferred method of purchase.
  • Be sure to use your full account balance or ask if a cash refund is possible. You can use multiple cards for a single purchase, eg. B. if you have multiple Starbucks cards with a low account balance.
  • If you are not interested in a particular retailer, you should exchange gift cards with friends. Or visit some of the contextual websites where you can buy, sell, or redeem gift cards like CardHub, Plastic Jungle, and In some cases, you can even donate sales proceeds to charities. Just make sure you understand the transaction or the registration fees or commissions that may be charged.

Precautions to be kept in mind while using the MyPrepaidCenter Portal

  • If you have a retail gift card and the store stops working, you may lose the balance.
  • Please note that digital gift cards (for example, for iTunes or Amazon) are sometimes caught by your computer’s spam filter. Therefore, you may not know that they were sent.
  • Be careful when exchanging letters with strangers. For example, if you are using an external Exchange website, please review the review guidelines and contact the Better Business Bureau with any complaints.

TalktoWendys is recalling the old products again

Wendy’s, the world’s third-largest hamburger restaurant, is currently undergoing renovation. From “Wendy’s Old Fashioned Burgers” we are now told that it is just “Wendy’s”. Wendy is still on the logo, even though she has a 20-year-old gingerbread bosom in her TV commercials. However, there are very old configurations behind the new facade.

Like all companies, Wendy’s exists above all to offer its shareholders added value. For this reason, the shareholders who attended Wendy’s annual meeting in New York last Thursday were accompanied by Kerry Kennedy of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for the purpose of the Human Rights and Larry Cox, Executive Director of the firm  Amnesty International. Kennedy, Cox, and a group of interfaith religious joined the Immokalee Workers Coalition (CIW) to ask the company to participate in a program to eliminate farmworkers from its supply chain.

One can imagine that Wendy cares little about the condition of her supply chain because she is ultimately a Hamburg company. However, if you visit Wendy’s Investor Relations department online, you will find that they care enough about their suppliers to ensure that their packaging is somewhat compostable and that their animals are not treated too badly beforehand. square burger. However, farmworkers supplying Wendy’s with the fresh sliced ​​tomatoes from these burgers seem less important than the company’s ground beef.

TalktoWendys Survey

This is a customer satisfaction survey launched by TalktoWendys to make sure that the services and the products offered by them are up to the mark.

TalktoWendys Survey is a customer satisfaction survey that can be accessed on the official website of Wendy’s. This survey is open only to the legal residents of the USA. Also, the age of every participant must be above 18. TalktoWendys Survey is one of the most important tools for the people who wish to place their disappointments and the issues they faced at the Wendy’s on their previous visits.

TalktoWendys Survey has been in the market for a long time now. This survey is extremely easy for each and every participant to conduct. Hardly anyone faces any sort of issue while accessing the TalktoWendys Survey.

Wendy may want to refer to other fast-food companies as number one and number two and emphasize that Wendy has a hard time maintaining proper treatment of farmworkers in her supply chain. The point is, as Kerry Kennedy told shareholders, “CIW has signed contracts with four of the top five fast-food companies in the United States. Everything, except for Wendy.

Wendy could mean it’s over the top. But

I repeat things went so bad that several cases of modern slavery have been prosecuted in Florida’s tomato fields in recent years.

After all, Wendy’s may feel like there is nothing they can do because they cannot directly control hundreds of suppliers. The CIW Fair Food program is “one of the most effective and innovative programs in the country to prevent forced labor,” the President’s main advisory report on human trafficking said last month.

Instead of respecting the rights of farmworkers against its competitors, the company has done something different. They decided to trick their shareholders and clients. When human rights activists asked Wendy’s CEO Emil Brolick why her company refused to participate in CIW’s fair food program, she replied that Wendy had already purchased her tomatoes from the producers of the fair food program. She also said that they would pay a premium for their tomatoes.

Here the new Wendy looks a lot like the old Wendy. The company ignores a proven program of support for workers like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, and Subway that has been embraced by people of all faiths and recognized from the White House to the White House.

Why are Walgreenslistens giving unhealthy oxycodone as rewards?

A recent episode of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice featured two celebrity teams that created and promoted an interactive segment and produced a “Walk with Walgreens” starter kit that was distributed nationwide to the physical walk program. support to promote the business. pharmacist.

For three hours, viewers watched celebrities formulate marketing materials and presentations for Walgreens executives. In the end, rocker Dee Snyder was “fired” by Donald for developing a poorly designed starter kit. in terms of unattractiveness to his lost team.

According to the Walgreen website, the Walk with Walgreens program was developed to reward members with weekly coupons in their stores when they register their “steps” on an interactive website and learn more about the health benefits of the market.

Joe Magnacca, president of Walgreens Products and Everyday Life Solutions, said in a press release that the Celebrity Apprentice Walk with Walgreens segment offers the company a “unique opportunity” to market our market and its products. healthy. Reward.

Almost simultaneously, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) searched several Walgreen pharmacies and a distribution center in Florida to determine if their pharmacies were involved in the illegal distribution of oxycodone-based pain relievers.

There was no press release for this latest episode on the Walgreen website.

According to DEA representatives, sales of pain relievers at Walgreen pharmacies in Florida have increased significantly since 2009. Last year, 53 of the 100 Walgreens stores were on the DEA’s Top 100 list. Buyers of oxycodone in Florida, the most widely used illicit prescription pill in the US.

Walgreenslistens Survey

Walgreens has introduced the Walgreenslistens Survey on its official portal to make sure that the services provided by them are according to their expectations.

This survey helps the Walgreens to figure out where do they lack and what do they need to improve. Walgreenslistens Survey has been one of the best methods for the Walgreens management team to interact with the customers.

Walgreenslistens has helped the customers of the Walgreens to interact with the management team and place their opinions and feedback there.

Walgreenslistens Survey can be conducted only by the legal residents of the USA. This survey is only open to the people whose age is above 18.

Walgreenslistens Survey has been participated in by millions of people and they have seen the positive changes in the work environment of the Walgreens.

One of its Fort Myers stores is said to have sold nearly 2.2 million units in 2011, compared to 496,000 in 2010 and 96,000 in 2009.

In Florida, where 85% of oxycodone was distributed last year, about seven Floridians died daily from a prescription drug overdose in early 2011, more than 25% in 2010.

The DEA and Florida law enforcement agencies continue their well-known crackdown on illegal oxycodone drug trafficking, which has resulted in hundreds of arrests, including 34 doctors in pain clinics (and others who have been disciplined or have lost his license) practice (medications or without them (ability to prescribe pain relief), a 20% reduction in state prescriptions for pain relievers, and the number of pain clinics in Florida has increased from more than 250 to less than 100. In this context, stricter laws were also passed restricting regulations for the sale of prescription drugs and prohibiting advertising in the included pain clinics.

Despite these intense Florida law enforcement efforts, the illegal sale of oxycodone pain relievers continues to grow exponentially. Associated Press of the Walgreenslistens research suggests that pain relievers could be sold to other regions of the United States in Florida. The country is growing, particularly in the Appalachian region, which was previously serviced by Florida pill factories. Nationwide, the number of deaths from prescription pain relievers is greater than the number of deaths from car and gun accidents and the number of deaths from heroin and cocaine combined.

The Crazy Tricks you need to Try on PS4 Gaming Console

Ah! The latest PlayStation 4 console is in your room, and dying to run the game as quick as possible. Maybe you have started your game or all new to the game. I don’t mind either though! Even a pro user might get some help out of it.

I started playing the game when I was in my high school days, and although 5 years have passed the love for the game remains the same.

5 Crazy Tricks you need to Try on PS4 Gaming Console

The 5 craziest yet essential things that can make you Win and Play SMART on PS4 are:

◊ Companion Apps

Once you set off with your PS4, you could start downloading the game and other apps directly to your iOS and Android device. Not only you could use them to connect with friends, but also push the game downloads to your new gaming console.

◊ Get The Best Out Of Your Controllers

If you wish to run the controllers like the DualShock for a longer time, then you can dim the lights of the controller and provide them quick power when it’s not in use.

◊ Talk To Your Console

You might be well already talking to your phone and PC. Now you can talk and give commands to your PS4 too! For turning on this option, go to Settings and then System. There you will find the Voice Operation Settings – you can turn on the voice control from this space and read out the audio commands available.

◊ Quick Login

If there are multiple players using the same console, creating separate accounts would be favorable. If you are the commonly playing person in the house, then you can turn on the Automatic Login option in the Login Settings. This way you can get the login done quickly!

◊ Use The Rest Mode Setting

Let the console download the updates for you on its own, when the console is in it’s resting mode. You can do so under the Power Saving Settings, and then choose the Functions Available in Rest Mode.

Why do the NFL Players hate the Thursday Night Football?

Hey folks!

NFL hates the Thursday Night Football, and I am pretty sure that you got the news too.

This was the statement given by Richard Sherman who is the cornerback of the Seahawks. He is someone who has never shied away from his opinions and mainly when it is related to the game and NFL. This is an excerpt of Richard’s original post on the Players Tribune. So, shall we begin?

Why do the NFL Players hate the Thursday Night Football?

Haha, the intro itself is amazing! Richard says; Poopfest – that’s the appropriate word which explains the Thursday Night Football. He continues: the NFL preaches the player’s safety but when in reality it’s not protecting its players. But the Shield.

NFL Players and Thursday Night Football

Let me explain you on how a typical week of an NFL player goes like-


Yeah, this is the game day! Go for it, live your dream. Fight, battle, and bleed. On the good days, you win. Else, you got to take the beatings, go home and get the ice-up.


You will feel like a crap. Body starts paining, ankles hurt. The pain will be different for all, still, they will face some kind of pain somewhere in their body. You feel like not getting out of the bed, but you have to get up. Coaches will make you run a bit so that the lactic acid breaks up which is built up in the muscles.


This should have been an OFF day, but the NFL takes this day for more practice. Get on the gloves and the pads, and get started!


Light practice day, when you are still recovering and discovering the Sunday bruises that you didn’t find before.


Game day! Live it, give in your best! This is what you live for. But this time, the body is not ready. Still, you got to perform as the game is scheduled that way. This simply lowers the performance, and that’s why the results of the Thursday games are always found to be poor.

Richard adds that the bottom line of the game is business, fans are coming in to watch the games and the advertisers are paying too. This wrong adjustment and scheduling by the suited men who have never played the game in their entire life – has made me say that ‘I Hate Thursday Night Football’! 

Bennet Omalu, Guy Behind the Concussion Theory that Changed the Football

The Concussion study began in the year 2002 when Dr. Bennet Omalu was examining the body of the famous Football player Mike Webster. After looking at the condition of Mike’s brain, Bennet said to Mike that he will get to the bottom of the problem.

Who knew that Bennet will bring a pathbreaking change to a sport, and even inspire the Hollywood to make a movie on it which was later nominated for the Golden Globe?

Bennet Omalu, Guy Behind the Concussion Theory that Changed the Football

The movie’s name is Concussion, and it shows a serious brain condition that may affect the football players. It was Bennet Omalu, the 49-years old the forensic pathologist, and an expert neuropathologist from Nigeria who first found the connection between the brain health and that of the footballers.

What is it all about?

During the NFL concussion study, Bennet did an independent autopsy on Mike Webster who had a critical CTE problem. CTE stands for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, is a serious mental condition which makes a person undergo hallucinations, dementia, mood swings, and even lead to suicidal thoughts. He made a journal about it and was all set for publishing it.

During the gaming, the frequent hits of the ball could lead to CTE. It is caused when the person gets multiple head injuries, and that is very frequent in the game of football.

However many of his own colleagues didn’t appreciate it and called it a failure.

Following this, in the year 2006 another former football player, Terry Long died with a similar condition. It was later proved that Terry had the dementia problem because of his football career. Suicide was the reason for death, but actually, it was the Dementia or more precise the CTE which made him do that. In the year 2007, Bennet again submitted his reports which was dismissed by the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Then, it was in the year 2009 when the NFL saw the link of the problem.

In the year 2011, Bennet also listed out the war veterans who had the CTE deaths. Then in the year 2016, the NFL acknowledged his findings. Hats off to the strong determination and the courage you have shown, Dr. Bennet Omalu!