How did UPSers rise all over the world?

A North Carolina woman hoped to find a package at her door last week but found an unusual message from a UPS driver in her mailbox.

The driver left Marcy Lanier with a failed delivery note and explained that a “bear at the entrance” prevented her from abandoning the package. Lanier laughed when he read the message.

In fact, the Asheville resident found the situation so much fun that she decided to share it with friends on Facebook.

Like I said. Only in Asheville, wrote Lanier, posting a photo of the receipt.

The photo went viral and has racked up more than 2,200 shares since it was released on Friday. Dozens of residents commented on the photo, exchanged jokes and advice for the region’s emails.

“Use it,” joked a user.

I would have fought this bear and delivered this package, said one man.

It looks like something is going to happen in my house! Another addition.

Lanier said her mailbox was at the entrance and that the bear was probably in the middle, blocking the front door.

“We have bears all the time,” Lanier told WLOS. There was a bear in the driveway, so I couldn’t drop it on my porch. He usually drops my packages on my porch. This is how it happened. He could be safe in his truck on the street.

The black bear is the only sort of bear that resides in North Carolina.

Today, black bears are found in approximately 60% of the total area of ​​North Carolina, said the North Carolina Wildlife Commission.

A distressed dog was rescued after a UPS driver stopped its delivery route to rescue the frightened puppy in Bozeman, Montana. The reports were released late last week.

Ryan Arens said he had delivered packages just before Christmas when he heard a dog “cry, cry and go crazy.”

The officer informed the Great Falls Tribune in an article published on Friday that he quickly delivered a package and then went to the other side of the pond where he saw the animal.

I could see the dog trapped in ice about 10 to 15 feet offshore, Arens said.

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According to Arens, an older man was in a boat to save the dog but was having trouble dropping ice to get closer, so the UPS operator knew what to do.

took off my boxer shorts and took the man to the boat. Then I pushed the boat onto the ice and used it to distribute my weight, Arens said. “It shook me where the ice was thin.”

He soon fell onto the thin ice and fell off the ship. Arens said she noticed the dog was “starting to sink” so he swam for it. Arens grabbed the dog’s collar and tried to pull it out of the thicker ice.

Arens told the that the two men could slide on the ice and return to shore together, where a passerby gave him a blanket. They entered the old man’s house, where they warmed up before the authorities arrived to help them.

“Animals are my weakness. It was the culmination of my 14-year career at UPS,” Arens said.

He said in the gallery that he had discovered where the dog’s owner lives and that he had a delivery for him. He saw the rescued dog named Sadie in a car and said “he panicked” when he saw him.

“She must have remembered me,” Arens said. “I felt good.”