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The HBO McMillion $ documentary series has thousands of McHooked people.

At the end of the first episode of the current police series, which aired on February 3, viewers have the full scope of the FBI’s investigation of the former policeman who marketed the McDonald’s Monopoly in 2001. But do you understand that? ? A first look at the second episode explains the answer to this question.

In the clip above, which HBO shared exclusively with PEOPLE, U.S. Deputy Attorney General Mark Devereaux, who followed the case, is entitled to it.

When the FBI brought a winner to a film crew, they had already contacted Simon Marketing [the company that the fast-food chain had promoted] McDonald’s, who claimed to be a winner and said, I did it and so on. it’s how I got this part of the game, “says Devereaux,” a person could never pretend to be a fraud because they did it before the police got involved. ”

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The “she” in Devereaux’s example is the first winning hypothesis you put forward in Episode 1, Michael Hoover. McDonald’s contacts the scammer to make a video after claiming to have won the part of the million-dollar game. Hoover goes on to explain how he found the piece in a PEOPLE magazine (we’re innocent here!), Which he bought at a supermarket after a trip to the beach and whose original copy was submerged in seawater.

Only when Hoover comes home and calls a friend to brag about how the film crew bought his story, does the FBI realize that there is a real case?

“We didn’t say, say that, say that and say that,” continues Devereaux in the clip above. “We said,” How? Than? OR? WHO? These are just opportunities for me to take up space and tell us what he wants to tell us.

If you order more McMillion $, it’s easy to understand why. The show focuses on the last three: a billion-dollar deal, a real crime, and a mob story that will make you nostalgic during the days of the soprano.

With an episode already listed below, here are the answers to some of the questions you can ask yourself.

How many episodes do I have?

McMillion $ is a six-part series that lasts between 52 and 56 minutes. They will air Monday through the end of the season on March 9.

Who are the characters in this  McDVOICE series?

Jerome “Jerry” Jacobson is the former police and chief security officer for Simon Marketing and the FBI’s prime suspect. Doug Mathews is the special agent in disguise to report the criminal gang. He quickly became a fan favorite for his busy personality and irrelevant side stories. The other main actors are the Devereaux and Jacobson conspirators, Gennaro “Uncle Jerry” Colombo.

Probably! The following crimes and arrests occurred on national television in the fall of 2001. If you do not know so many details, it is because the case was overshadowed by the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

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