MyPrepaidCenter Card is a boon if used effectively

If someone were to give you a $ 50 bill, they probably wouldn’t put it in a drawer and forget it. But that’s exactly what happens to the billions of dollars in gift cards that people receive each year: They never lose, forget, or use their money.

Final Christmas sales figures for 2010 have yet to be finalized, but the National Retail Federation forecasts that 2010 will grow 4% compared to 2009, so on average there will be more gift cards available than in the United States. Here is a basic introduction to how gift cards work. There are two basic types:

Account information is stored on the card’s magnetic stripe. If you are unsure about the remaining balance, ask the merchant to scan the card, call the toll free number or look it up on the website provided by the card issuer.

These restrictions apply to monthly maintenance or service fees, account maintenance fees, and transaction fees, such as B. Recharge fees, ATM and point of sale fees charged by the issuer. in the menu (There are no charges for activation/replacement of the card for loss/theft). Online Portal

This is an online portal that helps you to access the services offered by the MyPrepaidCenter Card in a much secure and user-friendly way. Meta Bank has made sure that this portal is extremely simple and easy to use for each and every registered user.

To use this online portal, firstly, you need to register yourself at the official website This portal is one of the best modes of payment for the users who want to get rid of waiting in queues just to pay their purchase bills. has been working like a magic for the Meta Bank and the users who register on this official portal.

Thus, if you wish to use your MyPrepaidCenter card effectively, you should definitely register yourself on this official portal.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your gift cards:

  • Use them quickly; The longer you wait, the more likely you are to forget or identify them.
  • Take the same precautions as with cash. Also write down all account numbers and toll-free numbers if you need to report a lost or stolen card.
  • Keep used cards until you are sure that you will not return the items you purchased. Some retailers do not accept returns without a card.
  • Ask if the reseller uses the card for online purchases if this is their preferred method of purchase.
  • Be sure to use your full account balance or ask if a cash refund is possible. You can use multiple cards for a single purchase, eg. B. if you have multiple Starbucks cards with a low account balance.
  • If you are not interested in a particular retailer, you should exchange gift cards with friends. Or visit some of the contextual websites where you can buy, sell, or redeem gift cards like CardHub, Plastic Jungle, and In some cases, you can even donate sales proceeds to charities. Just make sure you understand the transaction or the registration fees or commissions that may be charged.

Precautions to be kept in mind while using the MyPrepaidCenter Portal

  • If you have a retail gift card and the store stops working, you may lose the balance.
  • Please note that digital gift cards (for example, for iTunes or Amazon) are sometimes caught by your computer’s spam filter. Therefore, you may not know that they were sent.
  • Be careful when exchanging letters with strangers. For example, if you are using an external Exchange website, please review the review guidelines and contact the Better Business Bureau with any complaints.

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