TalktoWendys is recalling the old products again

Wendy’s, the world’s third-largest hamburger restaurant, is currently undergoing renovation. From “Wendy’s Old Fashioned Burgers” we are now told that it is just “Wendy’s”. Wendy is still on the logo, even though she has a 20-year-old gingerbread bosom in her TV commercials. However, there are very old configurations behind the new facade.

Like all companies, Wendy’s exists above all to offer its shareholders added value. For this reason, the shareholders who attended Wendy’s annual meeting in New York last Thursday were accompanied by Kerry Kennedy of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for the purpose of the Human Rights and Larry Cox, Executive Director of the firm  Amnesty International. Kennedy, Cox, and a group of interfaith religious joined the Immokalee Workers Coalition (CIW) to ask the company to participate in a program to eliminate farmworkers from its supply chain.

One can imagine that Wendy cares little about the condition of her supply chain because she is ultimately a Hamburg company. However, if you visit Wendy’s Investor Relations department online, you will find that they care enough about their suppliers to ensure that their packaging is somewhat compostable and that their animals are not treated too badly beforehand. square burger. However, farmworkers supplying Wendy’s with the fresh sliced ​​tomatoes from these burgers seem less important than the company’s ground beef.

TalktoWendys Survey

This is a customer satisfaction survey launched by TalktoWendys to make sure that the services and the products offered by them are up to the mark.

TalktoWendys Survey is a customer satisfaction survey that can be accessed on the official website of Wendy’s. This survey is open only to the legal residents of the USA. Also, the age of every participant must be above 18. TalktoWendys Survey is one of the most important tools for the people who wish to place their disappointments and the issues they faced at the Wendy’s on their previous visits.

TalktoWendys Survey has been in the market for a long time now. This survey is extremely easy for each and every participant to conduct. Hardly anyone faces any sort of issue while accessing the TalktoWendys Survey.

Wendy may want to refer to other fast-food companies as number one and number two and emphasize that Wendy has a hard time maintaining proper treatment of farmworkers in her supply chain. The point is, as Kerry Kennedy told shareholders, “CIW has signed contracts with four of the top five fast-food companies in the United States. Everything, except for Wendy.

Wendy could mean it’s over the top. But

I repeat things went so bad that several cases of modern slavery have been prosecuted in Florida’s tomato fields in recent years.

After all, Wendy’s may feel like there is nothing they can do because they cannot directly control hundreds of suppliers. The CIW Fair Food program is “one of the most effective and innovative programs in the country to prevent forced labor,” the President’s main advisory report on human trafficking said last month.

Instead of respecting the rights of farmworkers against its competitors, the company has done something different. They decided to trick their shareholders and clients. When human rights activists asked Wendy’s CEO Emil Brolick why her company refused to participate in CIW’s fair food program, she replied that Wendy had already purchased her tomatoes from the producers of the fair food program. She also said that they would pay a premium for their tomatoes.

Here the new Wendy looks a lot like the old Wendy. The company ignores a proven program of support for workers like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, and Subway that has been embraced by people of all faiths and recognized from the White House to the White House.

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