Why do the NFL Players hate the Thursday Night Football?

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NFL hates the Thursday Night Football, and I am pretty sure that you got the news too.

This was the statement given by Richard Sherman who is the cornerback of the Seahawks. He is someone who has never shied away from his opinions and mainly when it is related to the game and NFL. This is an excerpt of Richard’s original post on the Players Tribune. So, shall we begin?

Why do the NFL Players hate the Thursday Night Football?

Haha, the intro itself is amazing! Richard says; Poopfest – that’s the appropriate word which explains the Thursday Night Football. He continues: the NFL preaches the player’s safety but when in reality it’s not protecting its players. But the Shield.

NFL Players and Thursday Night Football

Let me explain you on how a typical week of an NFL player goes like-


Yeah, this is the game day! Go for it, live your dream. Fight, battle, and bleed. On the good days, you win. Else, you got to take the beatings, go home and get the ice-up.


You will feel like a crap. Body starts paining, ankles hurt. The pain will be different for all, still, they will face some kind of pain somewhere in their body. You feel like not getting out of the bed, but you have to get up. Coaches will make you run a bit so that the lactic acid breaks up which is built up in the muscles.


This should have been an OFF day, but the NFL takes this day for more practice. Get on the gloves and the pads, and get started!


Light practice day, when you are still recovering and discovering the Sunday bruises that you didn’t find before.


Game day! Live it, give in your best! This is what you live for. But this time, the body is not ready. Still, you got to perform as the game is scheduled that way. This simply lowers the performance, and that’s why the results of the Thursday games are always found to be poor.

Richard adds that the bottom line of the game is business, fans are coming in to watch the games and the advertisers are paying too. This wrong adjustment and scheduling by the suited men who have never played the game in their entire life – has made me say that ‘I Hate Thursday Night Football’!