Bennet Omalu, Guy Behind the Concussion Theory that Changed the Football

The Concussion study began in the year 2002 when Dr. Bennet Omalu was examining the body of the famous Football player Mike Webster. After looking at the condition of Mike’s brain, Bennet said to Mike that he will get to the bottom of the problem.

Who knew that Bennet will bring a pathbreaking change to a sport, and even inspire the Hollywood to make a movie on it which was later nominated for the Golden Globe?

Bennet Omalu, Guy Behind the Concussion Theory that Changed the Football

The movie’s name is Concussion, and it shows a serious brain condition that may affect the football players. It was Bennet Omalu, the 49-years old the forensic pathologist, and an expert neuropathologist from Nigeria who first found the connection between the brain health and that of the footballers.

What is it all about?

During the NFL concussion study, Bennet did an independent autopsy on Mike Webster who had a critical CTE problem. CTE stands for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, is a serious mental condition which makes a person undergo hallucinations, dementia, mood swings, and even lead to suicidal thoughts. He made a journal about it and was all set for publishing it.

During the gaming, the frequent hits of the ball could lead to CTE. It is caused when the person gets multiple head injuries, and that is very frequent in the game of football.

However many of his own colleagues didn’t appreciate it and called it a failure.

Following this, in the year 2006 another former football player, Terry Long died with a similar condition. It was later proved that Terry had the dementia problem because of his football career. Suicide was the reason for death, but actually, it was the Dementia or more precise the CTE which made him do that. In the year 2007, Bennet again submitted his reports which was dismissed by the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Then, it was in the year 2009 when the NFL saw the link of the problem.

In the year 2011, Bennet also listed out the war veterans who had the CTE deaths. Then in the year 2016, the NFL acknowledged his findings. Hats off to the strong determination and the courage you have shown, Dr. Bennet Omalu!

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